Enhanced 7th Street

Enhanced 7th Street

A contract has not yet been awarded for this project. This project is likely to begin in February or March of 2019.

The Enhance 7th Street Project extends from the west side of Grand Avenue Bridge to Cooper Avenue. Invitations to bid for construction of hardscape, landscaping, and fountains are anticipated to be returned in December of 2018, with City Council awarding the bid in January 2019, and construction to begin in the spring. Sanitary Sewer improvements west of the elevator must take place in advance of other hardscape elements, and would begin as soon as weather allows in 2019.

The area underneath the Grand Avenue Bridge has largely been completed. Remaining work includes three fountains and landscaping. Landscaping is anticipated to be completed in the fall of 2018.

The city in October 2016 received a $400,000 Garfield County Federal Mineral Lease District grant for this project. Read more...

In December 2016, the city was awarded a $400,000 State Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Grant. Read more...

More project information

  1. Josh Blythe

    Assistant City Engineer
    Phone: 970-384-6448

  2. Terri Partch

    City Engineer
    Phone: 970-384-6413

Enhanced 7th St rendering