Red Mountain South

The Red Mountain South subdivision project will provide improvements to water, sewer, storm sewer, roadway, sidewalk, curb and gutter, mill and overlay, drainage replacement, and Broadband infrastructure work within the road ROW along the main subdivision roadways.  A sidewalk addition will also be added to North Walz Ave.  Areas of work include Riverview Drive, West 11th St,. Red Mountain Drive (south), 11th Place, West 12th St, Walz Ave cul-de-sac and sidewalk addition along North Walz Ave and 11th Place.  Phase 1 work is being planned for the summer/fall of 2021.  Click here to view the current plan set.

This project will be paid for by the Street Tax Fund and the City Water Department.

Contact Information

Help us keep you informed.  Residents of the Red Mountain South Subdivision can submit contact information here.

Community Meeting Recording
The meeting recording can be found here:
March 15, 2021 Red Mountain South Community Meeting

  1. Matthew Langhorst

    Public Works Director
    Phone: 970-384-6438

Red Mountain South